By Geoffrey B. Lewis

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ISBN 9781786153944


Early life and introduction to radio and schooldays

Playing in the park, climbing trees and rules of play

Cowboys and Indians, Robin Hood, King Arthur, cops and robbers

Lingering influence of the war years

Saturday morning cinema club and its heroes

Books, comics, collecting stuff and a reason to be Welsh

Six shooters from father Christmas and the pomegranate conspiracy

Meccano, model airplanes and aircraft identification

The new house and district and the changing face of entertainment

Rogue preachers and the lady in red, kidnapped by ‘THE BAPTISTS’

Football and cricket, a pain in the neck and a visit to the dentist

James Bond’s bike shop, trolley building and scrap yards

Rags for bargain, any old rags and escape from the back-street boys

Smokers club and first encounters with the boys in blue,

Secrets, sudden death and friends that go missing

Fishing in ponds and a “mentor” who says he battles with sea bass

The great clay worm dig and a heroic rescue

Smokey ‘le cat’ goes on rooftop walkabout and repays a debt of honour

Trouble with torches, church parade and painting the scout hut red

The teenage years of Rock and roll and driving dad nuts

Exploring dock-land, all things mechanical and rebuilding the town

Diligent  years at the Tech’, long suffering staff and School trips

Shakespeare and the fading Bunsen flame

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A responding light out at sea, then more lights - torches from the beach. The police! Run, run like the wind, through the back streets. Don’t let them  catch us. What happened to Gordon? Why is his house empty? The newspapers say the authorities are still looking for us. It is only weeks later that they stop. Life moves on,  we grow old. I  loose contact with Trevor and fifty years pass in the blink of an eye. A letter from the other end of time, postmarked  Hungary, everything turns to dust.

How could we have known? How could anyone have known? I can’t think straight, can’t get things right in my head. I have to tell someone.

I’ll tell you - but can I trust you?

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Telephone: 029 20867364

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In the 1950’s, as rubbled landscapes of Britain were cleared for new towns to grow out of the devastation, those post war years formed an exciting back drop where life for kids became a continuous adventure and they were free to roam and explore the beckoning world as long as they were home before dark.

This is an account of those halcyon days as remembered by ex schoolboy Bernard Andrew; his friendships, misadventures and experiences of growing up in a different and more innocent age  and how, more than 50 years after school was over, a chance encounter was to reveal that a sinister undercurrent had been at work beneath the unsuspecting pulse of the town's existence.

He remembers a long forgotten wet and miserable moonless night on the beach and the antics of ‘ALPHA ONE’: a group of three fantasy ‘Special Forces’ school chums. But most of all he remembers what happened afterwards: a seemingly endless police hunt and the unwitting deception that was to ripple across continents.

of an unsuspecting spy